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Paintless Dent Removal Work

Using the latest tools and techniques, we have the ability to remove dents and dings from the exterior of your vehicle. Paintless dent repairs. This is ideal for vehicles which have experienced minor damage to the exterior of their vehicle. The most common causes are shopping carts, children and minor accidents.

This process takes under an hour for most dents and dings. When finished, the exterior of the vehicle will look new again.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail is hard on a vehicle. It’ll crack windshields and cause damage to the body of the automobile. After the storm has ended, make sure to repair the dents and dings caused by the storm. If the damage is ignored, it may lead to flaking and peeling of the paint and the value of the vehicle continues to decrease impacting the trade in value of your vehicle when you do exchange it.

Headlamp Restoration

Headlamps become dull and cloudy as they are exposed to the elements. This may dramatically impact the power of your beams at night. A headlamp restoration can restore the brightness and integrity of your headlights in just a few minutes.

Headlamp restoration is also idea after you’ve been in an accident and experienced damage to your headlights. This process removes the damaged plastic and replaces it with a new piece. Giving your vehicle a like new appearance in just a few minutes.

Bumper Repair

Your vehicle’s bumper is designed to absorb the impact of an accident and reduce the amount of damage it experiences. When it is, it loses its integrity and puts your vehicle at an increased risk for extensive damage. All vehicle owners should repair a front or rear bumper which is dented after an accident. This will further protect the vehicle should another wreck occur.

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