Paintless Dent Repair In Boston

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Non invasive Puller being utilized by our Service Personnel

We are able to repair all kinds of dents and dings with our paintless dent repair process. We’re able to do so without using a map. The method is known as paintless dent repair work, which is a method that can get rid of dents without using paint. It’s a very simple process and also very cost effective. A few auto dealers will not deal with any dents as they can be a pain to deal with, yet dents can significantly reduce a car’s worth. For this reason, our services allow the increase in owners to see the advantage of this repair method. Most car-owners were did not realise about this repair method until fairly recently. Extracting dents through this paintless process is really common amongst caar dealers, resale vehicle auctions, and even rental companies. Even though it was widespread within these industries, mainstream users remained in the dark. Until now!

Finding Paintless Dent Repair in Boston Companies

As well as our training programs and courses, we also offer help and information if you are interested in starting your own mobile repair shop. It’s not only the technique that helps with paintless dent repair methods; tools play a big part too. Dents from as small as a hailstone to ones as big as footballs can be repaired. If the damage has been made to a body panel, then it is easy to perform a paintless method to repair the auto. There is no repainting, sanding or physique filler required. Once the procedure has been carried out, no one will be able to notice that there used to be a dent.

Insurance firms have also now cottoned on to this form of auto repair. Plenty will now accept claims for paintless repair, especially if the cause is from a hail storm. Hail usually occurs during a hurricane; if it’s a large and forceful hailstorm, it can seriously damage your car. In a few instances, if you use paintless mobile repair, the insurance company may surge the insurance deductible charge, because it is such a cost effective and simple process to use. This repair method is easily applied to small dime-size dents to ones as big as a soccer ball. Any car made after 1990 can be repaired using this process.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair in Boston

If the paint remains unbroken and undamaged, then there will be no problems using this method. The dent has to be quite far from the panel side. It is also key that the panel hasn’t been repaired before. There can be times when paintless dent repair is unable to get rid of an entire dent; in this case it will be made unnoticeable. Many car owners and auto shops are now choosing this method. It’s very convenient and cheap for repairing body panels. Thanks to the method’s value for money, many indurance companies are now covering these kind of repairs. Our company is a much cheaper than other car repair places in Boston and will definitely keep your auto looking fresh and valuable!

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