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Technician working on removing dent using paintless methodIt’s really easy to find a mobile dent recovery business in Boston. Dents can be unsightly in cars, but the price for repairs is often very high. This is where we at Mobile Dent Repair Boston step in. Our procedure entails mobile dent repair work that is extremely cost effective and convenient. It’s a new method that has changed the face of how we focus on removing dents. This great procedure – once only offered to specialist car dealers – is now available for all auto owners. It’s a paintless way of eliminating dents and dings that can be applied to any size of dent; from tiny ones that are as small as a dime to ones that are as big as soccer balls!

Mobile Dent Removal

For our method to be carried out, the car has to be a fairly recent model, usually no older than one made in 1990. It’s also important that no other repair work has been carried out on the panel. If the dent is on the side of the auto, then everything should work out just fine. If we are unable to completely remove the dent, we at least endeavor to make sure it is no longer noticeable.

There’s a load of benefits for choosing this paintless repair work. It’s very good value for money and in most cases can be completed on the same day. There’s no way the paint job can be botched as there isn’t one – the orginal paint is kept intact – and the car will keep a high resale price, as opposed to one that has been repainted. It’s a really good idea to try and keep the original paint on the car throughout its life; whether on fenders or doors. We use special tools to help us get the paint back to the original forms. To do this we repair from behind the panel. Otherwise, there are also scenarios where we remove a trim or take away inner panels for access.

Benefits of Mobile Dent Repair Boston

We are always able to work through the paint to tell exactly where the ding or dent is. The metal that surrounds the dent can often be massaged and molded back into its original shape. This makes the dent increasingly smaller and eventually it will disappear completely. Our paintless dent removal method works brilliantly on all forms of dent. It is a very fast method that is also great value for money. It works well on recent cars if the damage is only on the car’s body. We are now happy to be able to offer this process that was once reserved only for specialist car dealerships to a much wider number of vehicle owners. It’s a great repair method to use, and one that could return your vehicle closer to its original value.

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