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How do we repair the damage?

We will access the rear of the panel behind the dent and manipulate the dent through a proprietary repair technique.

What if paint is damaged?

Although we can still remove the dent itself, the area will need to be repainted. However, we should note that no filler will be required. This will help to expedite the painting process. We are happy to recommend an expert finishing service.

Will any holes need to be drilled?

In the majority of instances, we will not be required to drill any holes. The reason that this is the case arises from the fact that our unique and specialized tools are able to address most dents without performing any invasive techniques.

Why is MDRP better than a body shop?

Repairing any dent should only be undertaken by trained professionals. In fact, most garages subcontract such work out to specialists such as ourselves. Not only will cutting out the middleman save a great deal of time, but we are also happy to arrive at your location when it is the most convenient.

How much will a repair cost and why does the site not include prices?

Different types of damage will dictate that equally different approaches be used. In this manner, there is no such concept as “one size fits all” in our industry. We are happy to provide a consultation, assess the damage and supply you with a quotation. Should this be an amenable price, we can then begin the process. Also, keep in mind that any online rates may indeed come with hidden costs. We aim to avoid this scenario.

How do I pay for the repair and how long will it take?

We are proud to be able to accept all major credit cards, verified personal checks and cash. We will also issue a receipt of the payment for taxation and insurance purposes. The length of the repair will depend upon the type of damage and its location on the vehicle. In most cases, repairs can be completed in less than three hours. We will provide a more accurate estimate upon the initial consultation.

Is any type of warranty or guarantee provided?

Once you are satisfied with the completed work, we will provide a warranty for a full twelve months after the repair date.

Can repairs be performed both indoors and outdoors?

Although we are more than pleased to work outside, when the weather is less than perfect or extremely cold, we always prefer to work within a garage or covered area. In fact, some weather conditions may affect the overall quality of our work.

Can I get a quotation even if I am not in the area?

If you are not located within the Boston metropolitan area, we are quite pleased to supply you with other recommendations of respected firms that we have worked with in the past.

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