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Two Key Techniques for Successful Paintless Dent Removal

Posted on: 10/04/2015 by in PDR
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I know that paintless dent removal is a safe and effective way to remove the dings and dents from your car. I also know that the end result is only as effective as the techniques that are used, and only a highly trained PDR technician will have the experience and knowledge to use these techniques correctly for the job. I’d like to take you through two of the key PDR techniques, which are in use by thousands of technicians across North America today. How the Dent is Removed When speaking to Continue Reading ...

Mobile Dent Repair Boston MA

Posted on: 04/26/2015 by in PDR
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There are so many reasons why you should try and keep your auto in top condition with our mobile dent repair business. We’ll keep your car’s appearance fresh; no dents and the initial paint work will increase the worth of a vehicle compared to one which has had a lot of repair on its body. Dents can easily occur, but out method for eliminating them does not require them to be refilled or repainted. Our process is paintless elimination of dents which helps save you time and money. If you Continue Reading ...

Paintless Dent Repair In Boston

Posted on: 04/16/2015 by in PDR
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We are able to repair all kinds of dents and dings with our paintless dent repair process. We’re able to do so without using a map. The method is known as paintless dent repair work, which is a method that can get rid of dents without using paint. It’s a very simple process and also very cost effective. A few auto dealers will not deal with any dents as they can be a pain to deal with, yet dents can significantly reduce a car’s worth. For this reason, our services allow the increase Continue Reading ...

Locating Dent Repair In Boston Companies

Posted on: 04/12/2015 by in PDR
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Boston’s dent repair services are often described as a paintless form of dent repair or paintless removal of dents. Paintless methods remove dents and dings from the body of cars. The cause of these dents can be hailstones, door knocs, indents on the bumpers or tiny creases in the physique. It offers a great solution for those who aren’t keen on the idea of taking their vehicle into a shop and who would rather a mobile car dent service remove the dings. The method prepares the affected Continue Reading ...

Finding A Mobile Dent Removal Boston Company

Posted on: 04/09/2015 by in PDR
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It’s really easy to find a mobile dent recovery business in Boston. Dents can be unsightly in cars, but the price for repairs is often very high. This is where we at Mobile Dent Repair Boston step in. Our procedure entails mobile dent repair work that is extremely cost effective and convenient. It’s a new method that has changed the face of how we focus on removing dents. This great procedure – once only offered to specialist car dealers – is now available for all auto owners. It’s a Continue Reading ...