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technician using specialized tool to remove a dent on a car using paintless methodWhenever you get any dents in the body of your car, you need to come to us. Most of the time, the damage will not need to be seen to, but for those who would still like professionals to take care of these dents, there are plenty of handy and easy ways to see to them. We are recognized by most insurance firms as a very effective company for dealing with extracting dents and dings. We specialize in paintless dent removal, which is a mobile form of repairing dents and involves getting rid of the dent without damaging the car’s finish. There’s many reasons why little dents might occur: hailstones, slamming the door or slight dings are all causes. With these kind of scenarios, we use a device that applies stree to the back of panels so the dent can be taken out. We also use bonding tabs to help return the look of the car to how it originally was. This way, we do not need to paint or refinish the car’s panel.

Automobile Dent Repair

Most damage caused by the likes of hailstones can easily be repaired by paintless dent repair procedures. The damage will be found on the outside panel and often occur when the panel has been hit by or bumps into something. If the surface of the panel remains intact, then it is very simple to use a paintless dent repair method. For us to be able to repair a dent, we need to have access to the back of the damaged panel. In some cases, this could mean we need to pierce it so we can access exactly what we need to.

Benefits of Automobile Dent Repair Pros Boston

We at Automobile Dent Repair Pros Boston are certified and trained in paintless dent repair. This should give you peace of mind, as going to a company who are not certified or have the correct expertise could cost you greatly. We repair dents as quickly as is feasible to also get the car looking and functioning as it was in its original state. If the car’s paintwork is still in fairly good shape, then we will be able to figure out the exact damage done and, based on this, use the correct paintless procedure to repair the dent.

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